Ed Harrison


Ed Harrison has performed around the world.
Here are some examples of what has been said about his work.

“Maraca demo of high virtuosity.”

Pierre Boulez, Conductor

“…The maracas…can engage an orchestra in exhilarating rhythmic riffs… Credit Lorenz’s ingenuity as a composer and Harrison’s remarkable mastery as a solo performer.”

John Von Rhein, Chicago Tribune

“The difference between the finely honed tone and agile, lightning-fast rhythm of soloist Ed Harrison’s maracas and the coarse, clunky version of the gourds so beloved of 1950s ‘Latin’ bands is the difference between a prima ballerina and an elephant…Harrison’s solos, proceeding in fits and starts, full of pregnant silences as well as fiercely urgent outbursts, more than held their own against a full symphony orchestra.”

Wynne Delacoma, Chicago Sun Times

“I had the privilege of attending Ed Harrison’s presentation of the Art of Maraca Playing at PASIC’90 […] His virtuoso performance was one of those jaw-dropping PASIC experiences that many in the audience still remember […] years later. Composer Dave Hollinden was among those in attendance that day. He cites Ed’s clinic as a direct inspiration for the extensive maraca solo passage in his Slender Beams of Solid Rhythm.”

“Did you hear Ed Harrison’s maraca clinic […] he asked Michael Gould […] That’s why I have a maraca section; I was just blown away by it! I would have never envisioned how spellbinding a maraca solo could be.”

Michael Williams, Percussive Notes Magazine

“…A very impressive concerto!”

Laura Park Chen, Lyric Opera of Chicago;

and Robert Chen, Concert Master, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

“If the idea of a concerto for maracas sounds outlandish, the composer teases up a convincing array of hot colors and sizzling riffs. Soloist Ed Harrison, for whom the work was written, shaked, rattled, and rolled, producing an astonishing array of effects, including a full-fledged cadenza near the end.”

John Von Rhein, Chicago Tribune